Thursday, September 17, 2015

Seen at Red Bull GRC


julyn tan said...

Hi~I am Sung Kang's fans.I saw you have many Sung's photo may i know the source ? Because i am prepare to build a Sung Kang's fans page. Hope you can saw my comment and hope you can help me for givng of source of photo to build the fans pages, Pls contact me with wechat, ID is : CL_Julyn or reply to my if you willing. Thanks.

Mari said...

Hi julyn,

Thank you for leaving your comment here! Sorry for my slow follow up.
My source for Sung's pictures are mostly either from Facebook or Instagram. I usually post a link to the source above or below the pictures. Good luck with building your new fan page. If you don't mind, let me add a link to your new site. :)