Tuesday, January 19, 2016

My flight to LA = booked!

The picture is not relevant to what I am writing here. I just found this via a google image search and just grabbed.

OK. It's finally my tern to participate an event to which Sung may (or may not) show up. I just booked my round trip air ticket to LAX! Hope I can make the connection flight at Chicago, so I can be on time for the event starting at 7pm PST in Little Tokyo. It'll be nice to hang out there as I've never been there.

If I get to see him in person, I want to do at least one selfie with him! I will take a lot of other pictures, too! But if it turned out that he won't be there, that's OK though I may cry. I guess at least Justin is confirmed to be there. Actually, there are many questions about this movie and  his other works. So, it'll be great if I can join the panel discussion after the film screening. I need to prepare well. If Sung does show up and has enough time for me, I'll try taking a video asking Sung to say hi to other fans whom I became friends through this blog, and post it there. I have a lot of ideas. But not sure if any of them can come true. I'll keep on dreaming...

BTW, I did ask my husband to come with me. But he said "negative." He is not as crazy as I am when it comes to a chance to meet Sung in person. So, I'll be on my own, traveling coast-to-coast, just for the hope to see Sung in person. It'll be just 2 days trip - staying only one night near LAX. I'll try my first Uber for my ride to Little Tokyo.

P.S. Yes. I'm a little afraid. I'm not afraid of flying or traveling long distance alone -- I've done that so many times. I'm just afraid of seeing him with my teeth #10 missing. Implant is done. But I still need to wait until April to get the crown. Hope Sung does not get scared to see me with one teeth missing. Or I will try not to smile or open my mouth too big. lol~


Jenny Slater-Herrera said...

Sweetie, Sung will love you no matter how many teeth you have! Try sight seeing in Santa Monica. There will be a better chance seeing him there. :)

Mari said...

Hi Jenny,

Thank you very much for your kind comment! Yeah. It'll be really great if I get to see him missing a few chances last year. I will keep my blog readers posted!

mami said...



julyn tan said...

Hi Mari,

May i have your email address?
I would like invite you to join an event. Hope you reply. Thanks!

julyn tan said...
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Mari said...

Hi Julyn,

Thank you for your message! I'm sorry but I won't normally share email address here. But thank you for asking!