Thursday, June 16, 2016

Nice write-up

I always enjoy reading articles about "Han." I'm not following other characters in other movies, so, I don't know if my statement here is right, but no other character has been analyzed and talked about more than Han. I just believe it is true or I just don't know (don't care) other movies other characters.

But it's so true that Han changed how the world sees Asian males. It could be as much as Bruce Lee and Jackie Chen. I mean, they are totally legend. Han may not be a legend type, but so realistically cool guy to the world across countries/races/religions. His coolness has no boarder. Of course, there are people who wouldn't choose him as the most favorite character. But what is so special about "Han" is that it's not targeting specific demography. In fact, other fans who contact me via this blog are from all over the world. Not specific to any continent, even age group, or even gender. Actually, he is popular among guys.

Anyway, I enjoy reading good write up about Han, though, I don't find anything new to me most of the time. But I can't help reading them all.

Also, I really really like how Sung share his moments with Facebook fans via live cast. He started doing that more often recently, and at a very convenient timing for me -- I'm in East Coast, USA. I see the number of viewer always quickly goes up to 2K though the live show normally ends in 2-3 min. It's a powerful tool! As long as you have a smart phone and internet access, you can see him live from anywhere in the world, and send message directly. If we are lucky, we can get a comment back live or later. It's also cool to interact with other fans. I get "likes" from other fans to my comments sometimes.  We no longer feel disconnected from him even when we have a long interval for new movie release!

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