Friday, November 4, 2016

Nice road for driving

One of my friends I made via this blog told me about Magnus Walker. She told me he is a very famous guy among car enthusiasts especially Porsche people.

It's really cool to see Sung driving both cars like that.

Though I'm not that into cars, I drive quite a lot. My commute is 70 miles each way. That's quite crazy if I need to come to the office every day, right? But it's almost 100% Interstate. Without traffic, I can get there in one hour. Yes. I'm speeding. But haven't gotten any ticket so far.


Anonymous said...

Hello! I read somewhere that his wife was expecting back in novembe5 2015. is that true?

Mari said...

Sorry for my slow response. I actually don't know. I have seen some rumor site like that, but no idea if it's true or not. Thank you!