Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Shame on me...


Facebook just reminded me what I did around this time last year. About a year ago, I met Sung in person after 8 years break. That was a huge "gift" to myself. I had to reward myself with something nice after working so hard in 2015. I didn't hesitate when I found the event where I have a pretty good chance to see him in person though it means $400+ for me to fly to LAX and stay one night plus other misc cost. After that, I learned about another project Sung is involved - Code 8. I didn't hesitate to back the project by pledging $450 for the right to attend New York premiere + a privilege(?) to have a photo with Sung taken in November 2017. -- Now, I just realized I missed a big chance to do even better -- 1-2 hours hang out with Sung plus the movie director! I can't believe I missed this.  T_T

OK. I'm not rich. $1,500 isn't easy. But not impossible. I just got my tax refund. I know I'm so fast and furious when it comes to getting tax refund especially after I became a homeowner. So, I can do $1,500. But I'm not sure if I can do this without making my hubby upset. :(   I just told him that we do not spend our tax refund because we have to buy Tesla Model 3 around the end of 2017. I don't have enough down payment for that.

But the money is not only for 1-2 hours with Sung. It helps the movie, which looks pretty interesting. At first, I didn't have any idea about "Snakehead." But after translated to Japanese, I realized what it is about. I've heard a very brutal true story about it a while ago. It'll be a heavy movie.

I also like the idea that it features an Asian immigrant female in early 30s'. I just missed that because I'm in 40s' now. But otherwise, I'm kind of in the same demography. I just wonder if someone can make a movie featuring someone like me -- well, perhaps not so dramatic. But it's actually been pretty eventful. Not sure if can be a movie, but I do plan to write a non-fiction about it someday. Like so many Korean guys comes and goes. Sung can be a part of my story because he takes up a quite a bit of Korean guys quota in my brain -- almost as much as my hubby does. Anyway, my story won't be as dramatic. But could be a comedy. I just don't know how I can make a public comedy story without embarrassing my family. lol~

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