Sunday, March 19, 2017

I missed the opportunity... again!

I was wrong about Sung's part with Snakehead is over in February. I wasn't sure what "unofficial wrap" means. Looks like the director needed extras again when we were hit by the late snow storm in 3rd week of March. I was once again, debating -- should I? But I only have a high mileage car.. my 11 years old Honda Civic just reached 200K miles recently. It's still drivable. But I need to survive with this car until my Model 3 becomes available. According to Tesla's website, my turn should be around late 2017. I'm still not 100% sure if that is a good idea or not as I often drive to NYC. With Model 3, I have to charge at least once each way. Looks like Super-charging station is available on my way. But not sure how long the wait might be.

Anyway, looks like Sung is back in NYC again today..? But this time, for POWER...? Can't take my eyes off of him!

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