Sunday, June 7, 2009

Secret Identity (2009)

I met the editor of a graphic novel called "Secret Identity," to which Sung contributes. He was my friend's frined's husband. He told us that he is just back from LA where the book signing took place last week. He showed me a picture of Parry Shen and others. Though he has never met Sung in person, sounds like he knows Sung pretty well.

To be honest, I'm not even a big movie fan or into Asian American stuff while I consider myself as a big fan of Sung's. Am I contradicting myself? Maybe. It does not mean that I'm not interested. But probably because I'm not a US citizen or speak English natively, I feel I'm not one of them. I do enjoy Justin's movies and other Asian American works. But I'm not too enthusiastic when it comes to Asian American movement in general. Even for the mainstreaming movies, probably I watch them less than average people in US do. So, I know only a few very famous actors/actresses and I don't recognize names of these days' hot actors/actressed most of the time. When I say "I'm a big fan of Sung's," people think I must know all kinds of actors/actresses. But it was just an accident. I accidentally saw Tokyo Drift on my way to Tokyo from DC. It was a in-flight entertaiment that hooked me up with Sung. After that, I just cannot get him out of my head and started searching all the movies and short films Sung is in.

But I still don't watch other movies Sung is not in very much. I watch only some very famous ones that my husband wants to watch at the theater. Actually, my husband watches movies 20 times more than I do. He always rents DVDs and keep watching movies almost every evening. But I don't join him because I don't find most of the movies Sung is not in interesting enough to finish. I just ask my husband to give me a digest after he watch them.

But anyway, I think I will like this book. I will order one online later.


Anonymous said...

hei marisan
i`m big fan of sung kang too
and i love ur blog!!

ak1998 said...

Hi! Thank you for leaving your comment! It's always good to hear from another Sung Kang fan. Glad to hear you enjoy my blogging.