Saturday, October 3, 2009

Back from Thailand yet?

I really like hearing from other fans especially whom providing me with info about Sung that I did not know. This pic was found from the link left by tØEy. Thank you very much!!

Sung looks very nice in this picture.

Can't wait to see Ninja movie this fall/winter...


tØEy said...

hi there !!!!

i thought everyone will smile so wide when they see this pic !! ^^

i'd read on .. it's famous forum in Thai.. they all said that .. he's very nice and truly friendly during the festival..
i'm sure you guys have already seen this but .. i'm not sure who are the children .. someone said they're his nephew and niece. His brother got married with Thai girl and live in Thailand. i dont know it is true .... but i know you can tell me what is the truth hehe

tØEy said...

"Back from Thailand yet?"

.. i think yes .. coz the festival was ended on March 30. unfortunately i cant go coz of my exam period TT..