Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Input from other fans = appreciated!


Thanks to tØEy from Thailand, I got to know more about what was going on in Thailand last month. Some people ask me about the kids who appear in the photo with Sung. I'm not 100% sure - remember, I'm just a fan and online stalker - but I think I've seen the kids in some other pictures taken back in 2006 or so. I believe - again, don't quote on me! - they are his niece and nephew. Sung wrote about his younger sister in one of his articles in his blog. Another rumor said it's his brother's kids who married to a Thai girl. I have no idea about that and I guess I shouldn't spread a possibly false idea like that...

If anyone of you know a bit more legit idea, feel free to leave a message here.

This picture is a screenshot from a site where many of his new images are sold. Well, it's not free. But I just took a screenshot and save it as .jpg image, making this as my own clip, hopefully. I think this blog is all about my clip sharing. But I do respect the poeple who does not want me to quote their images even as a clip. So, do let me know if you find this is not something I should do.

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