Monday, May 31, 2010

From my old stock...

I don't remember if I used this pix before... I checked my old posts quickly, but did not see this one. Sorry, if this is my 2nd post with this pix.

Anyway, no meaning update again today. Sorry again.

One good news about me is that I may be moving to somewhere near LA. Well, not very soon. But within 3-5 years. Family thing. So, I may have a chance to come to Sung's restaurant and possibly very often! I haven't given up on this idea that having my husband to take Sung's pictures exclusively for this blog! He does take excellent pictures. I've been helping him updating his new Web site. And I just gave him iPad as his birthday present recently.

Regarding something I got from a google alert, I noticed someone opened another facebook page for Sung recently here. I wonder if there is anything "official." and I hope Sung add more of his recent pictures in his account.


Lindey said...

Hi Mari

I see you are improving your blog! But then again your blog is the best.

Well I am back and I am here to stay. It is good to be back.

padillamorquecho said...

That's great... LA is on my list for this year I hope..If not for my birthday day in February..

ak1998 said...

Hi, Lindey

Welcome back. Thank you very much for coming back and sorry for my slow response. I am actually running out of ideas these days. Just sharing whatever I find online. But nothing new or exciting recently. Sorry! But I won't quit! :D

Hi, padillamorquecho

Please share your story if you do get a chance to visit LA! :)