Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sung is not a true blogging type, I think

I really enjoy reading whatever Sung writes. I like his way of telling his stories. It's also very cool that I feel we live in the same time.

But I feel like he is not truly a blogger. Somehow, my impression is that he is squeezing something he wouldn't if it is not for his friends. I may be totally wrong about that. But unlike other blogger in YOFYOMF, he does not seem to be super happy with what he is doing.

I consider myself as a blogging type. Though nobody ask me to blog, I keep two blogs updating since a while ago. I know I'm not writing anything excellent or useful for other people. It's just all about me. And I know I'm nobody. But I still blog just because I feel like blogging. But I don't think Sung got that. That's just my wild guess.

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