Thursday, November 25, 2010

Your chance to see Sung in person - Dec 2, 2010

I just found a party that Sung is going to attend. Looks like it is open to anyone with a fee.

Unfortunately, I cannot make it. :( I would come if it is held in East Coast. Oh well,,

You may not be able to talk to Sung in person, but you probably get a chance to take some pictures. The article says: "Besides the awards show, the evening includes a silent auction, red carpet photo opportunities, and cuisine provided by some of LA’s finest dining establishments." $95 for this is not bad because it includes a nice meal as well. If any of you make it, please share photos with me!!!


Faelli_Ackles said...

I would like a lot, but unfortunately I live in Brazil..
One day maybe..I'll wait for this moment..

Mari said...

Hi Faelli_Ackles

Sorry for my late response. Yeah. You never know when you get a chance to bump into him. :) I'm also the one waiting for my next chance...