Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sung's favorite food = Jja Jang Myung???

No. I did not confirm. So, don't take this seriously. Actually all of the stuffs you can find from this blog are solely for my own enjoyment/creation. So, you are not suppose to quote on me. Well, that does not mean I'm making up everything. Everything I share here is based on my best guess from years long of my experience as his No.1 stalker... umm.. scratch that... fan! :D

Based on my analysis, Sung's favorite food is Jja jang myung. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jajangmyeon

I'm actually having a hard time assessing how Korean Sung is. I should probably not categorize him like that, but just out of my pure curiosity. For example, I think my hubby is 100% Korean. Not so typical, maybe. But as far as what he eats and how he behaves/reacts, that's my conclusion. But how about Sung? Well, he has not grown up in Korea. But when it comes to his stomach, I think Sung is 100% Korean ajjussi. Look at what he got on his table in this picture! That's very much the same as what my hubby and I normally get for our Sunday brunch. Hope I'm not rude here making some analysis to the picture of his private time. But he posted this pic on public viewable location on his own. So, I hope it's ok and not embarrassing....

Check out what Sung is sharing at: http://www.whosay.com/SungKang/photos

Anyway, message to other fans. Don't start sending instant jjajangmyung to Sung. Most of instant ones are no good. Plus, I don't know if he really like it or not. :P


Ewelina said...

I wish you bon app├ętit!!!

Ewelina said...

whether it is a restaurant Sung?