Saturday, May 7, 2011

Simler Sung~

Thank you for visiting my digital scrapbook where I am revealing my personal long-lasting obsession to Sung Kang! Yes. I'm a full time digital stalker. :D

I'm a bit scare of seeing this rapidly increasing pageview number of this blog recently. It's obvious that people who enjoyed Fast Five and can't get Sung out of their head search Google and end up with this site.. But it's only a personal blog updated by non-showbiz person like me. I tried google search again with keyword, "Sung Kang" again. Now this blog appears as 5th of the first page. That explains...

I'm not sure if this blog deserves that. Not sure if I am sharing right information about this fantastic actor. I haven't been knighted by anyone for this. But all I can say is I see myself never stop adoring Sung --- unless my hubby asked me to stop. So far, he is cool with this. lol~

Message to newbies >> please check out my old posts to find out more about Sung's works. I posted links to some of the short films fearing Sung. (hope all the links still work...) Though he is already really cool and appealing from Fast and Furious series, you will love him even more if you saw his other works. And keep loving him like I do!

Let me also share a like to something I found recently.


Clara said...

What are the names the parents sung kang?
This is very important to me!!!

Mari said...

Hi Clara,

Honestly, I don't know. I am just a fan collecting his info online. I wouldn't step into his private side like that, but if you feel you have a legit reason to find that out, try somewhere else. Thanks!

Clara said...

thanks very much Mari!;D

Clara said...

When you put something on the blog

Mari said...


I update this blog whenever I feel like to.. but typically a few times a month and during weekends. :D

Nina said...

I love Sung Kang so much! ♥
When he eats those chips, its driving me crazy. He is so hot and so sweet. I don't know why I wanted to tell this. :)

Ewelina said...

I loves you!!!
Sung is super!!!
I likes Sung!!!