Saturday, May 25, 2013

Wow!! That was really fast and furious!

I know I missed the first day, but I made it tonight! The ticket for 12am was sold out when we got the theater around 11:45pm. My hubby and I had to wait until 1am. But the theater was still packed! And people really loved it! Of couse, so did we. The funny thing is that there aren't that many so-called majority group of people in the audience. Where are they? I kept looking. Anyway, that's not the most important part. I don't want to spoil the movie for those who are going to watch it later. But I must say, excellentest, greatest, the best! All kinds of funs and cool stuffs involved. Well, I must admit that I'm not a car person. But that doesn't really matter. Even my picky hubby loved this one a lot. My hubby said the tank must be CG. Some part may have been. But I can tell there were a lot of physically real cars there. And it was really good to see RX-7 again!

Great job!!!!

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