Sunday, May 26, 2013

New facts learned!

It's really cool that many interviews with Sung are posted online! And this one gave me new facts! Well, I knew about Han from Better Luck Tomorrow, but this fully confirmed that it, indeed, was meant to be the same guy! That is a good news for fans from Fast and Furious series who have never seen Better Luck Tomorrow. There is one more movie where we can see high school version of Han. Isn't that cool? 

Though my policy is not to disturb his personal life, since he is officially sharing some here, I guess it's OK to talk a little about it this time. So, his wife seems to be a Korean designer! Hmm... Somehow, I was under the impression that she is not from Korea. Well, it is actually written like this -- "She’s a clothing designer in Korea," -- I'm not sure if this can be translated that she is a Korean. 

This interview also helped me confirming that Sung is no longer in restaurant business. I was a little too late to visit the restaurant formally owned by his wife. But I'm still glad that I visited there because it was the place Sung and his family/friends spent some time. 

The interview also clarified that there will be no more Han in future Fast and Furious series. No Justin, No Han. :(  But I don't mind if it turned out that Han has a twin brother who also knows how to drive  fast cars or ride cool motorcycles. I don't mind at all! But I know what Sung meant. Sung is not only Han though Han is always Sung.


Lux Lala said...

You are completely right!

Hiroko N said...

Thank you for sharing!!!

Mari said...

Hi Lux Lala and Hiroko-chan!

Thank you for coming back to my blog. I have a few more links to interview with Sung. It seems that everyone is curious about what's going on with Han. I will post more soon.


Lux Lala said...

Mari where did u find that information about Miki?!
I never find anything.. U should work for CIA XD

Aki Wang said...

Nice to meet you
My name is Aki
I'm a fans from Taiwan
I'm really happy that I can found a llot of information about sung here.

Mari said...

Hey Lux Lala,

Haha. I just saw the interview where Sung mentioned a little bit about her. :D It's in the 2nd page of the interview that you can see from the link I put in this post.

Hi Aki,

Thank you for leaving your comment! It's always nice to hear from other fans! Hope you enjoy all the pic and video I post here. :)

Aki Wang said...

I love the pic and video that you post,and you really had alot of information about sung.
I envy you so much about taking picture with sung.
I really want to meet him once..

I'm sorry about my poor English hope you can understand what I'm taking

Mari said...

Hi Aki~

No worries about English. Mine is pretty bad, actually. :D

sansansalmon said...

A fan from Indonesia. OMG I'm in love again with this guy. At first saw him when i was grade 6 and now I'm 18 years old. So, he has already married a woman? ;)

Mari said...

Hi sansansalmon,

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your comment! Yes. Sung is married. :D

So, you liked him from "Tokyo Drift," right? So did I!

Farah said...

omg your avatar. is that you and sung kang? uh im so jealous :[ great blog btw uwaaa ><

where did you get all of the hipster photos abt sung? how can you meet him? share that moment i you havent, including all the talks.
i'm a new fans of him after ff6. poor han and giselle ;(

Mari said...

Hi Farah,

Welcome to my blog! It's always good to hear from other fans! Yes. i was very lucky to see him twice in my life, but it's been 5 years since I saw him in person last time. I keep my eyes on all online info about Sung by subscribing a Google alert with keyword, "Sung Kang," where I sometimes find a cool info like a chance to see him in person in a film festival or some kind of event. It's not that often, but we should keep our eyes on the next opportunity! I always post that here once I find it. :D