Saturday, July 27, 2013

More fans from Japan!

This picture is not related to what I'm writing here. I often do that because I just download some pictures I see online and stock up for my blog. But I forget where I got the picture from or the picture was found by someone else and posted on a fan page of Facebook... Do let me know if someone would like me to remove this picture for any reason.

I start seeing more and more access to my blogs from Japan where I posted articles about Sung and his works. Looks like he gained even more fans after Fast and Furious 6 has been released in Japan. There are not enough information about some of his old films like "Better Luck Tomorrow," and "The Motel," because they were not released in Japan. So, people who look for information about them end up with my articles. I recently enhanced them to include a bit more about the storyline, and made one girl purchase "Better Luck Tomorrow" in DVD though Amazon. Though some viewers struggles understanding the story without subtitles, the film is cool enough and the viewer were very satisfied to see Han in high school. If you haven't seen "Better Luck Tomorrow," don't miss it!

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