Saturday, July 27, 2013

Real Name vs. Abbreviate Name

We envy Korean audience who saw Sung visiting there on promoting the movie.

It's interesting to see how his name spelled in Korean. He doesn't really use English name. But it is still written in First Name first, then, family name. That's not how we (Korean, Japanese, and some other Asian countries people) do. But again, "Sung" is not an English name! But it is kind of customized to English speaking world because he trimmed the last one letter, "Ho." I am not sure how common it is in Korea that people call someone by the first name of the first half only. Oh wait. That's what my husband does. But I've never seen him called by the first half of the first name only. It's only non-Korean who call him by that. Anyway, I'm just curious how Sung's direct family members call him.

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