Monday, August 5, 2013

My new friend from Japan -- another Sung Kang addict!

I'm so proud to announce that I finally have a sister blog (?) administrated by my new friend in Japan. She did not mean to copy me, but she also picked her blog title as "Sung Kang Daisuki" before she knew my blog. She was polite enough to let me know this coincident and asked me if I'm OK with that. Sure! That's not a problem. I just requested a simple clarification that there will be no confusion and people will know that these two blogs are updated by two different fans. Well, after all, most of people don't care. But it may make some people wonder why there are two blogs with the same name -- one in Japanese, the other in English. The one in Japanese has just started this month (Aug 2013), and a lot of interesting confession about how much she is into Sung. So, the idea/motivation for our blogging is completely the same. We just want to say "Sung!! I love you!" and let everyone on the earth know about our obsession.


Yaloha said...

Hi and thank you for share another blog about Sung Kang! Since I'm japanese(pls call me Yasuko) too it will be very interesting to read both in english and japanese.

Mari said...

Hi Yasuko-san!

Thank you for your comment! Hope you enjoy my new friend's blog as well!