Sunday, August 25, 2013

He won't be a Ninja, I suppose

I saw some previews of up coming movies recently and realized that what Sung and his friends pointed out before -- Asian male characters can be either Ninja or Kung Fu master in best case scenario, but mostly either bad guy or poor/uncool character -- continues to be true, unfortunately. The one I saw has a lot of Asian characters, but they are all some kind of worriers. It's not even clear if they are Japanese or Chinese. I saw a Japanese actor, but he may be acting as a Chinese. It's not unusual to see someone's role is not based on where they are actually coming from. But when it comes to Asian males, it gets worse. Most of Japanese characters are not played by Japanese. So, it may be a good idea that the nationality of the role itself is not clearly defined. Just like Hibachi restaurants in USA. Most of Hibachi chefs are not Japanese. In fact, we don't have Hibachi restaurant in Japan. Have I mentioned this in this blog before?

But somehow, I'd like to see Sung playing a Japanese character. Oh wait. He did it once. He was a Japanese yakuza in Ninja Assassin! I really liked how he did.

Anyway, it's getting late here in East Coast USA. I'd better sleep now.

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