Friday, October 4, 2013

You're going to love this!

Sunset Stories, now available from Amazon and other major online movie distributors.

A lot of sweet and sour side of Sung can be found in this movie. This is really nice and cute story. I love how each person in this movie gets featured. You'll fall in love with Sung again! 

For my friends in Japan, sorry that it is not as easy as just click to buy. But don't worry. I will start posting more screenshots from this movie unless I get complaint from somewhere. 

This remind me my time in LA in 2012. I had a lunch at Saketini just to find Sung is no longer involved there. I brought a gift for him, but ended up with bring the same back with me. But that's OK. I should've known that seeing a movie start in person is not as easy as just dropping by a restaurant. But at least, I was able to see this movie in a theater on Sunset Blvd. That is also a very special memory for me.  :)


Yaloha said...

Hi Mari san!
Thanks for the nice info again but sad that we can't get the DVD in Japan. Does it have Japanese subtitle?
Also waiting for FF7 DVD that will be released soon in NOV!

Mari said...

Hi Yaloha-san~~

You can probably order DVD if you can sign up for But no Japanese subtitle. It's always very nice to hear from other fans from Japan! I will post more pictures! :)

Lux Lala said...

can u put more pix of sunset stories?
i wanna watch that movie so crazy!!!!damn :(