Thursday, February 20, 2014

Choco Pie and Sung

I saw people wonder about his snacking habit. I'm not sure how Sung is coping with his snack craving habit recently, but I have once read an article -- I believe it was an interview to Justin Lin -- where Justin talked about Sung having hard time w/o snacks. That was right after Sung quit smoking or something. So, he couldn't feel easy w/o anything between his fingers. I have hard similar story from my mom who used to be a heavy smoker until she got her first stroke -- don't worry, she survived and still doing fine so far -- that she felt uncomfortable if she is not holding something between her index finger and middle finger. So, she had to hold something -- like a pencil -- to calm herself down. It took her several days (or maybe weeks) until finally she feels OK without doing that.

Anyway, I must share my thought about Choco Pie. I was under the impression that it is a Japanese invention. But I found I was wrong! I know Wiki is not always reliable, but I think it is reasonably fair to believe what is written here:

I haven't done any special study on Choco Pie, but based on my experience and knowledge, it's quite popular and widely spread in many countries. In USA, I often find many boxes of Choco Pie stacked up near the cash register in H-Mart, a famous Korean grocery chain. Choco Pie also reminds me a movie called "JSA." A North Korean soldier performed by Song Kang Ho spit Choco Pie out after hearing a South Korean solider performed by Lee Byung Hun suggest him to defect DPRK, so he can enjoy Choco Pie as much as he likes. I like the scene. It's not a long conversation, but tells pretty much everything about their given situation and feeling to each other. I like the character performed by Song Kang Ho there.

So, when Sung talks about Choco Pie in this way, I suspect he meant more than a snack. It represents South Korea's economical success. I heard it's even popular among Russians. Then, Sung sees this as "yellow man's comfort food." Hmm...  once again, why you are building a wall here? I know, I'm obsessed, which is all about this blog anyway. Yes. I'm obsessed! But Sung sometimes makes me sober. I wish he has slightly different way to show who he is.

He is not George Takei. I don't think that's what he is trying to be, neither. But when he say something on his official page or twitter account, he should know who might be his audience. I'm not sure how much thought he gives prior to making this kind of statement. He has been in a little trouble when he makes similar statement in the past, that I've seen a few years ago. So, he know what he tend to say could end up with a situation he did not intend to get into. Celebrity's fate. No matter what he says, how he says, there are always some group of people who do not take it in the way intended. But if he makes people wonder why he said it, it kind of indicates that he failed. Failed to do what? I don't know. I still love him. But why he said "yellow man's comfort food,"? Is this phrase a result of deep ponder to provoke arguments, or he just said it because that's how he normally describe his favorite snack?


Lux Lala said...

maybe because he had trouble in the past because of his asian background, now that he's succesful he wants to remark every time that he's a "YELLOW MAN"...amen! ^^

Mari said...

Lux Lala,

Yeah.. we know where he was coming from. We just can't take our eyes off of him.