Thursday, February 27, 2014

Did he dye his hair or it's just a light reflection?

This kind of made me wonder how Sung would look like if he dye his hair to blonde. Doesn't he have some highlight around his fringe?

By the way, Sung's birthday is coming! I know, it's still February today. But it'll be March next week, then, time to get ready for his birthday in April! What should I buy to impress?


mami said...


Lux Lala said...

is miki the girl in the last pic?! just yes or not... please :))

Mari said...

mami さん、


Mari said...

Lux lala,

No. But as you know, it's not a good idea to disturb Sung's privacy. I understand we all wonder about his wife, and you won't do anything bad about it. But there were unfortunately people who actually bothere her in the past. So, we must understand. But anyway, there is no pic there where she is shown. I see me, though. lol~~~~

Lux Lala said...

I just wanna know how she looks like. I live in Italy I cant bother anyone n even if i lived in LA I won't do anything wrong because mine is just curiosity nothing more. Im not a stalker or a maniac.. just a lot curious!! I know exists a pix of her somewhere but i dont know where agrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr come on help me LOL just to see how she is :))

Mari said...

Hey Lux Lala,

Don't worry! I didn't really think you'd bother Sung in any way. You are one of genuine fan like me! And I do understand how you feel. I also wanted to see her so badly. But if she can be identified online in a public place like this, there are bad people who'd bother her. That happened to her before, I heard. So, we need to minimize the risk for Sung's family to get bothered. Hope this make sense.. Find me on facebook. We can talk more about this in private. Thank you!