Saturday, May 24, 2014

Me (w/o TV) = Loser

Shame on me! I couldn't figure out the way to watch the show... :(
Do I need to wait until Amazon Prime gets the series in a few years? Or should I sign up for a cable service before next Thursday?

Anyway, I found a very recent interview with Sung at:

I had to check Clarkston and Gainsville in Google map. So, Clarkston is near Atlanta while Gainsville is a little away from there. This article gave me a few more new facts about Sung like he was a military child and went to UC Riverside.

I also checked where was the location for the movie, "Stand by me." I remember this movie very well. I think I had a Laser Disc or VHS tape with which I used to watch this movie over and over. Most of my image of "USA" was based on this movie in 80s'. Anyway, according to Wikipedia, it was Oregon. Hmm.. that's pretty far from Georgia. But I guess it's not too different in term of what kids could do. Actually, I can even relate to my childhood. I used to live in a country side where a small mountains and forests nearby. But it wasn't as deep as those I saw in the movie.

Back to my TV access issue, I really need to do something about it. I don't want to lose my position as #1 fan/stalker.

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