Sunday, May 25, 2014

Viva Hulu~~~

Thanks to my friend, I finally figured out the way to watch Gang Related legally, and I love it! I can already feel season 2 is on its way.

I did not have an account with Hulu until today, but it looks like the best option for me. Hope more people can sign-up via my link, so my free trial period gets extended. But even without that, $7.99 per month isn't too bad for all you can watch including this type of the latest shows. I was wrong about online streaming having only outdated shows.

My husband said Sung's hair style is good. I say Sung's everything is good!  :D


Lux Lala said...

If you want I can give you the link where you can watch it for free :)The only way for me to watch it from Italy ^^ I couldnt wait too long!

Mari said...

Hi Lux Lala,

Thank you for kind kind offer! I signed up with Hulu and now up to speed with the episodes! I still don't have a TV here in my place, but I can watch the show on my iPad. :D

Lux Lala said...

perfect! ^^

You're welcome :)