Tuesday, December 1, 2015

I like those old American cars, too!

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I may make myself sound snobby this time, but I'm not "domestic" type when it comes to automobile. But I actually like how those 1970's domestic cars looks like Those remind me my childhood dream about this country. But these days, cars - domestic or foreign - no longer look that different.  It might depend on where you go, but I see more Japanese/Korean cars, and domestic no longer look that different from those from Asian manufacturers. After all, I'm not a car person. So, I should not make any judgement here. For may daily use, I have to stick with Honda Civic to save some money. Mine is actually Hybrid 2016 model, still in pretty good condition. I just had to replace IMA which was pricey. But that's about it as far as what I had to pay except regular maintenance like oil change, etc. Anyway, my dream car is Tesla Model 3. Let's see how much I can save before it becomes generally available in 2017?

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