Monday, February 1, 2016

Justin and Sung will be there!

It is officially announced that Justin and Sung will be there for 10th anniversary screening of Tokyo Drift! You have no idea how much it means to me. It's just a coast-to-coast that I have to travel on Thursday morning. Hope I'm not too oily by the time I get to see them in LA. The worst case scenario is that my connection flight at Chicago does not fly out on schedule, or my husband refuses to give me a ride to the airport. I asked him to go with me, but he said "it's OK."

Anyway, it's not my first time going to LA, hoping to see Sung in person. Last time, I failed because he did no show up in the film festival. But it'll be my first time visiting Little Tokyo. I plan to use Uber for the first time, too. Let's see how it turns out. Hope I get to talk to him and record some video as an evidence.

My colleagues told me, "you are so hard core!" Yes, I am. And very persistent/stubborn one. Hope that does not scare him off.

Actually, it is not the best timing for me to travel long distance because I have a business trip in the following week to Miami. I'm not young enough to handle two long distance trip in a week. But let's see how I can manage.

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