Monday, March 28, 2016

Updated my perk to Premiere in NYC instead of Toronto

I guess nobody cares about which Premiere I actually go or I still have problem spelling "Premiere" and need to copy and paste to be sure. Anyway, it's great that the site, allows the contributor to quickly update/upgrade perk! Though there might not be an option to downgrade or request a complete refund, it's pretty convenient for the contributor. I didn't mind going to Toronto, but that'll be about 10 hours drive while NYC is only 4 hours. It's easier for us to justify our travel.

Glad to see the project has quickly reached out its first and 2nd goals so quickly. The bar is now raised to $400K! I think they can make it! Keep more fun perks coming. I may upgrade a bit more if there is anything related to spending more time with Sung in person or Skype live video chat, maybe? Or a video letter with personalized message.

Oh by the way, Sung's birthday is coming soon! I haven't sent anything out to him yet. I'll probably miss this time, but will try buying something in Japan when I go there in May. Then, I can send it out to him later this year. He may not go pick up his fan letters and gifts timely anyway. So, I can be late, I suppose. I just want to pick something that gives long-lasting impression to him. Am I too greedy that I'm still trying to impress him after being such a persisting online stalker for so many years? lol~

BTW, just found he posted a new shelfie video on instagram!

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