Saturday, August 6, 2016

Great collage everywhere!

It's really good to see many instagram account dedicated to share re-post or re-worked images of Sung's. Let me introduce a few that I follow:

And it's also good to see Tony posted this!
A photo posted by Tony Chen (@tonyc_dongwei) on

As you can see, Sung has a huge number of supporters from all over the world! I'm so proud of him being so loved by all kinds of people.

I'm also glad that I have to blog and can easily claim myself as a very long time fan/stalker. One of fairly new fan girl recently reached me out and shared how she fell in love with Sung and what Sung means to hear since then. I can absolutely relate. She started her own online community where she share her love to Sung with other fans where she started getting feedback from other fans. It's like inception of fans of fans. OK. Maybe I should stop pretending like I'm the first fan because that is not true. But it's really good to hear from other fans saying "I learned a lot about Sung from your blog." Well, I'm actually nobody. I'm just like any other fans who just fell in love with Sung and started checking whatever about him online. I'm just a bit more obsessed and stubborn than anyone else. lol.

By the way, according to my latest friend I made through this blog, I am "kind of" famous among fans. Though it's not everyone who actually contacts me, looks like I'm fairly known, thank to Search Engines. Though my goal is not to be famous for my obsession, I really love to hear that whatever I'm sharing here helps someone somehow. Even though I may not know about that forever. I will continue posting whatever I know though that may not be the latest info for the readers.

By the way#2, it's really nice of Sung that he shares what's going on with his project. However, he should know that fans want to see his face! Great car, great team. But those can never be better than you, Sung! Do more selfies, please!!!


CL_Julyn CL_Julyn said...

Hi Mari, Thanks for your sharing.

Mari said...

Hi Julyn,

I enjoy your instagram posts, too! Thank you. :)