Saturday, April 15, 2017

Data driven mind

It is rare that I post a link to an article where we cannot see Sung's picture or it is not about Sung. But I like this article because it has a scientific and detailed approach to analyze what's going on in our favorite franchise, Fast and Furious.

I feel like we are getting more and more data-driven these days. Whether we like it or not, we do data entry every day. Our activities are recorded everywhere. There is no more privacy even if we are not one of those celebrities. I don't blame people who are still strongly resisting against this and stay away from it as much as possible. But we just don't have choice. Data about us is somewhere up in Cloud. We are to be analyzed. I realized I had to deal with it even before I started this blog or being super active on multiple SNS. After all, I don't have much to hide. It's just the matter of how much someone else need to dig. If there is a valid reason for someone else to dig about me, I'll let them do that. At the same time, it's better to be honest and be yourself as much as you can. Online of offline. That's what I kind of figured as the best strategies to survive this digital age.

By the way, I found this from my friend's instagram account below. Very nice one!

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