Saturday, April 15, 2017

Still debating...

Thanks to Fi posted this on Sung's official Facebook page, I found another "possible" chance to meet Sung in person. It is not fully confirmed which cast will be there, but sounds like Justin will be there for sure. Unless there is some kind of conflict, Sung should be there, too. But don't blame me if you go there and fail to see him.

What should I do? I'm still debating. Last minute vacation request may be possible with my work, but I am already scheduled to be out between 5/1 to 14. Luckily, my flight, round-trip to Japan, can be changed without major penalty because I booked it with my mileage award with an option to change. And I started viewing my new possible flights from LAX. It sounds doable. I just need to start my vacation a few days earlier than planned. I was going to stay in my parents' house. So, no worry about my accommodation, neither. But should I...?

When I asked my hubby, "hey, would you like to travel to LA?," he immediately asked me, "Is it Sung Kang?" He knows everything. "Yes. Another chance to see him during a film festival." Unfortunately, he wasn't interested. He'd rather receive some cash for the cost of his trip. But good news is, he doesn't mind if I decide to go. He just suggested to go to Japan without coming back to DC. It probably does not make sense to come back to DC for a day or two, then, head to Japan.

You know, flight to LA isn't that expensive -- I found one around $250. There are many cheap hotels near LAX. So, technically speaking, I can afford this.

And it's a known fact that I am as crazy as doing it. But I already booked my chance to see him in NYC in November. So, it may be a bit too much to do twice in a year.

I'm still debating. Well, I cannot book this trip until I get "OK" from my manager anyway. I will ask on Monday. Will Sung do video for me again? This time, I'd like to record his voice for alarm to wake us up. Well, he or his management company may charge me for that. He is a multi-million dollar actor.

Another chance for others in Florida is below.

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