Friday, February 4, 2011

Link to the recent interview

I meant to update this blog with this link earlier.. sorry for my slow action.

It's really good to read what Sung is saying about his latest work/experience.



Amy said...

hey mari..i really like you blog..its really cool....i think its really cool that you watch all of his movies. unfortately i cant because my parents would kill me if id purchase all of his movies^^...i have like one question: what is his myspace account, when i click your link it doesnt work...


Mari said...

Hi Amy,

Thank you for your comment. It's always nice to hear from other fans of Sang Kang's. :D I actually don't know what happened to his MySpace account. I guess he is not big on SNS, and decided to stick with facebook only, maybe? I should probably remove the link. But I'm keeping it there in case Sung somehow reinstate the account in the future.

Faelli_Ackles said...

I'm here again *_*I can not stay without looking at this Blog ...
Good thing you're always up to date with the news, thanks!
Sung is beautiful anyway!!
I love it!
I'll send a postcard to him today
So THIS account is not of him?

Mari said...

Hi Faelli_Ackles,

Thank you for your comment! The link you quoted should be the right one to reach out Sung. Not sure if he responds to all messages. I haven't heard back from him for years. But I believe he reads whatever sent by his fans. :D I will try keeping up to date, but there may be many things I don't know about Sung. I keep trying my best, though. :D

Faelli_Ackles said...

I sent a postcard to him hope that he receives..
I've left several messages on Twitter, read Facebok .. if he is already great to me!
thank you! When you want to come to Brazil is very welcome!