Monday, February 28, 2011

Works in the queue

I did images search again hoping to find a Sung's pic I've never seen and bingo! This is from:

Looks like it was taken in Hawai during the film festival and also when Sung was on set for Knots. I've seen many of his movies got a status of "post-production" for a long time.

Since Sung has a strong fan base, all the works which he was involved should be available on iTunes store or somewhere. There are a whole bunch of people who are willing to pay $$$. But it's too bad that many of his works seem to be in the queue forever... Well, I guess I shouldn't complain. There are more things involved. Obviously, the films are not done by the actors only, and people who invested (time and/or money) should be entitled to decide how they collect their investments, etc... Oh well, whatever that may be, we still want to see more Sung!


Haru said...

I'm Haru!

It comments for the first time!

I am studying English to want to send Sung Kang the message .

And, I wanted to understand your blog more.

Your blog was seen and it came to like Sung Kang!!

It makes it to your blog and information on Sung Kang the enjoyment.

Did it transmit?


Mari said...

Hi Haru,

コメントありがとうございます!私も日本語を母語としていますので、云わんとされてることは伝わりますよ!こなれた英語かどうかはそんなに重要ではないので、他のファンのためにもまた英語でコメントしてくださればうれしいです。もちろん日本語でも私には読めますので問題ないですよ。ポルトガル語やトルコ語で他のファンからメッセージをもらうこともありますが、Google Translatorで英訳して読んでます。今後もサンを応援していきましょうね。

Haru said...

Thank you for the reply!

I also am using the translation and the electronic dictionary.

When Mari replies in English for my study, it's glad!

Does not Kung update the blog etc. so much?