Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pix steal/stolen among fans

Found another link that I probably haven't mentioned before.

BTW, I know I can't claim myself as the only one who keeps taking a lot of screenshots from whatever as long as I see Sung in it, but I see many people copy images from my stock! Well, I'm not complaining. Actually, it's cool that other fans uses those images and promote popularity of Sung. After all, I'm also the one who is stealing images from other professional video graphers or other fan who made effort to get to see Sung in person and got a pix taken together. So, I guess I don't even deserve credit. But hope people don't mind I do the same here. lol~


Toni said...

Is this recent? He looks very young here!
He's so handsome.

Mari said...

Hi Toni,

I believe this one was taken last year - 2010. I grabbed this from other fan's post. After he start running, he is doing good job keeping himself looking younger, I think. I should also treat myself well as I am as old as he is... :D