Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fate of celebraties in digital tagging age

I kind of feel sorry to those celebraties who lost big portion of their privacy which they probably knew they need to give up on a certain portion even before we get to this digital tagging age.

Technology could goes against us. Though I do not have any intention other than just sharing my obsession to Sung with other fans, I may not be doing right things all the time. I do enjoy finding more and more pictures of Sung Kang in them, I also feel sorry that he may have become a victime of our scrutinizing attitude.

Yes. I'm a freak. I don't mind people call me like that. (Actually, I'm freaky in many other sense, too.) But if I'm letting Sung feel like he cannot breeze freely because anyone can take picture of him at any time and upload somewhere online tagging, I will find it!

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