Friday, June 17, 2011

New story with old picture

This pic must be pretty old, too. But I kind of like how he look in this pic. Well, I like any kind as long as it is Sung, anyway, though.

My Google Alert started delivering what's up with Sung lately. For example, this is one of the articles in my alert email:

According to IMDB, it is still pre-production.

So, even a name has not yet given for Sung's role, or this has not been updated. But sounds like he is one of the main guys!

Let's keep our eyes on the development of this project!


Toni said...

Love it! Cant wait! <3

Kenus said...

thanks for the update ^_^

Mari said...

Hey Toni and Kenus!

Thank you for leaving your comments! Stay in love with Sung Kang!