Thursday, June 9, 2011

This must be from Sept 2007

I recently found someone posted this pix and I recognized his cloth. Though I already cropped out, originally, there was Roger who was also on the grass root tour for "Finishing the Game," next to a girl who appears to be a fan of theirs in this picture. So, I believe this picture was taken the day I saw Sung in person for the first time (well, first out of total two times only, though). I can still recall very clearly how happy I was when I found Sung in the theater in Silver Spring, MD. I wasn't 100% sure if I get to see Sung there. So, I was really really happy and excited. I quickly grabbed my husband and said "Oppa, Sung Kang is here!" My husband also watched Tokyo Drift and Better Luck Tomorrow before that day. So, he was also a little excited about meeting the actors and the director. But obviously, he was not as excited as I was. I don't think Sung remembers that. Well, he probably remember the second time I went to see him in NYC because my husband and I were the first two arrived at the bar where the event of the screening of UNDOING was held, and I was lucky enough to talk to him in person for a while (a while means, maybe 5 minutes..?) But when I met Sung in MD, there were already several groups of people talking to Sung and having pictures taken with him before I ask him the same. But I still remember everything he said and how.

It's been almost 4 years since then. I'm still eagerly waiting for my next chance to see him in person.

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