Friday, October 7, 2011

Can I come to San Diego?

This is another screen print I took from the preview of "Knots." I've never been to Hawaii despite the fact the I am a Japanese. Hawaii is one of the most popular vacation places for majority of Japanese. California, too, the other very popular destination for Japanese. But somehow, I'm stuck in East Coast. When can I see Sung in person again? It's been 4 years. When will he come back to East Coast? I thought he said he likes East Coast. Oh well,,


大食并 said...

Hey! Mari, I saw the trailer too. I think it is a good movie and you should go to see him. Just do not let other things make you stuck in East Coast. Really Iike your blog. I check it everyday! You did a great job! Ha!

Mari said...

Hi 大食并!

Thank you for leaving your comment! I'm so glad to hear from other fans who find my blog interesting. :D I really like Sung Kang!