Friday, October 7, 2011

Here we go!

From this week, Fast Five is always with me! I downloaded it from iTunes store! I can't thank Jobs enough for letting me be with Sung all the time like this. I am one of those worst iPhone addicts, can't stop holding it in my hand 24x7 -- you can ask my husband and colleagues about that.

Anyways, I know most of the repeaters of this blog actually don't care about my personal addiction. I know it's all about Sung for that you keep coming back to here. I won't blame you 'cuz I know I'll do the same to those who post something about Sung.


daphné said...

I really enjoy this blog Mari. If you created it, is to prove that you love this actor. What others think should not be a hindrance to your passion and create this blog proves it! I love when a singer, I listen to the song over and over. I like the actor Sung Kang and thank you again for creating this blog! je te remercie beaucoup moi qui suis adepte de fast and furious five!!! thank you verry much

Mari said...

Hi daphné!

Thank you for your comment again! :D
I just changed the template for my blog as suggested by the blog vendor. Hope you like it. Yes. I'm sooooo into Sung Kang. It's like a life-time commitment somehow. I knew other fans also have problem locating all info and pix about him. I really enjoy sharing and hearing from other fans! Take care!

Daphné said...

Hi again mari!
yes there is a lot of info on facebook! I find this blog very well because the information is transmitted in a different way!
I'm not a normal person who likes to blog comments, but I find it amazing that we can communicate on the same subject as we have just completely different country!
Are you on fb as a social network for us to communicate?
Finally, this vision of the ew blog is very good and clear, congratulations on the job!