Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sung on bicycle

If you are following Sung's tweet, you know Sung recently posted a picture of his bicycle:

Looks like the same one with same decorations. I wonder if this Sumo wrestler doll is Konishiki, who was performing in Tokyo Drift with Sung. Remember the big guy in the pot? He is actually an American though he has been pretty famous Sumo wrestler in Japan for a while -- like when I was a kid. Anyway, just wondered and I may be totally wrong here.

So, this bicycle does not look like the one for an intensive exercise, but rather being used for a casual transportation method. I guess it's important to have alternative transportation over there in LA where roads become parking lots a few times a day.

Oh, by the way, riding a bicycle with ear phones like this is illegal in Japan. Not sure in California, though...

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