Monday, September 26, 2016

Live from Brooklyn!

So, not much detail still discussed about how Sung's role will look like, but nice preview in the article.

On top of that, today was a really good day despite the fact it was Monday. Sung did Facebook Live for us. It's amazing to see how quickly he gets so much viewers and comments from fans from all over the world! Many are saying they are in Brooklyn, too! Envy you all! I need to keep my eyes on instagram photos for those lucky people bumping into him and getting a photo taken with him.

I was thinking to drive 5 hours to get there only for a chance to be one of those lucky ones. But you know, we all have bills to pay. Plus, he must be really busy reading scripts/memorizing his parts. Can't bother him. But I still don't mind driving 5 hours. lol~

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