Saturday, September 3, 2016

I did it! (and that was kind of easy...)

Check this out. I didn't have to do this, but I tested my post based on my experience. Now, my simple post on Google+ linking one of the article in this blog is displayed in top 3 when we do Google Search with keyword, "Sung Kang."

It's even above the link to Sung's official Facebook account or Twitter account.

I know, many of you would say, "so what?" Well, "nothing." But I just felt a little "win" against SEO logic.

I don't have to generate more traffic to my post. But I share this tip with you. If you want Google search to find your page, simply, update your Google+ with the keyword. Maybe it's not only the keyword, but in my case, having "sungkang" in URL for my blog also helping, I suppose. Plus, I've been updating my blog for a while.

I'm not in SEO industry, but just playing around.

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