Sunday, October 9, 2016

Is he going to be a lawyer?

Looks like he has been busy with his new role while no detail shared yet.

If I remember correctly, I read about his college degree being in Political Science. So, if he did not chose to be an actor, he may have become a politician and would look like this...? I know a lot of people see him as "Han" of FF series. But I think he is not very "Han." Well, I guess I cannot pretend like I know. It is probably more like his acting skill making him look fit to this role, and not that he could have been a lawyer if he had advanced his education to a law school.

My day dreaming goes on. If Sung did not become an actor and became a lawyer, and I met him in a business situation, would I have still fallen in love with him? But I should really appreciate he became an actor. Without that, I probably had 0 chance to bump into him. Even if I did, I cannot express my addiction to him this freely. It works only because he is an actor now.

But coming to know him in a different way isn't bad idea for me. We should have met earlier, though. Yes. I'm still day dreaming.  :P


CL_Julyn CL_Julyn said...

I remember he study law in university.
Btw lawyer need talking much. We will see Sung more talking in this movie! So excited!

Mari said...

Hi Julyn,

Yes. It'll be interesting to see him in the court!