Sunday, October 30, 2016

Back to Vegas in a few days?

Great interview!

Let me think what I am if I were a car...

Tesla Model 3? I know it hasn't been mass produced yet, but I put my $1000 for the right to buy one in a year or so. Let's see. How can I be Model 3? Well, just because I'm trying to get it. lol~

I start envying everyone who gets to see Sung in person next week in Vegas. I won't be there... :(   But I wish the best for the team's success there! I really enjoyed being the part of the project as an audience, and really liked every aspect of it.

Meanwhile, let me shared what I grabbed from instagram today. Great shots!

A photo posted by Sung Kang Unofficial Fan page (@sungkang_ufo) on

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