Saturday, October 15, 2016

Onto the next project?

Looking good as always!

Looks like I'm no longer the fastest and furiousist to find what's up with Sung. I often find other fans sharing videos/articles that I haven't seen before. :( But that's OK. It is actually a good sign that he is so popular and have strong supporters.

Besides worshiping him daily, I also pray for him and his family's wellness. It would make me really sad if I find him being unhappy for any reason. I know I cannot do much for him. All I can do is blogging about how much I adore him and his works here. I still do not have any religion. But that does not stop me from praying for someone important to me.


CL_Julyn CL_Julyn said...

Hi Mari, I try doing about calendar 2017 about Sung & Fugu Z. If smoothly done it. I wish can send to you and share with you.😃

Mari said...

Hi Julyn,

Thank you very much! That'll be very nice. :D

Lux Lala said...

you have such a big heart! I do like reading your posts..

Mari said...

Hi Lux Lala,

I just don't want Sung to hate me. :S

Lux Lala said...

it's impossible that he's going to hate you! <3