Friday, December 16, 2016

Any other live streaming?

I was checking my old photo stock and found those two I took while Sung was on Facebook LIVE streaming. Before SEMA, there were several opportunities to see him in real time, which was great! Not sure if he is on another car restoration program or anything else that make sense for him to do this type of LIVE streaming again soon. But hope we get to see him in real time again before too long.

It's getting really cold here in East Coast. Hope everyone stay warm. My hubby and I were talking about going to Ski/Snowboarding for the first time this season. It's only 30 minutes away from where we live, and it's their opening day today. But my sore-throat and dry mouth came back last night. I thought I'm done with flue this winter. But I guess it does not let me go easily somehow like a stalker I used to have when I was younger. Well, he wasn't a serious stalker. But he just kept calling me around 1AM every day for a while even though I didn't even answer his call. I didn't think that I will have such person who would stalk me. And yes. It was a Korean guy. I still have several more episodes of my ex. I thought I wouldn't share those with others. But it's been around 20 years passed since then. Maybe it's OK to talk about it. I'm glad there was no SNS back then. I'm totally disconnected with all of them.

That's totally unrelated to Sung. Sung is not one of my ex. Well, I wish, though. lol~

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