Thursday, December 8, 2016

Such a lovely mean guy

Finally, I watched the entire portion of "Pali Road" after downloading the legit version of it via iTunes store! I have watched previews and read a lot of articles about it. So, I had a pretty good idea about the story and Sung's role. I won't spoil the movie, but I must talk about how much I liked this movie!

I've never been to Hawaii, but I have heard so many good stuffs and something mysterious/spiritual about the islands there. This move has the mood of Hawaii captured very well. All the main characters are pretty attractive and well defined. The main character is very cute. However, sorry to say this, but she just didn't sound like someone who finished a med school in Boston. In my opinion, she didn't have to be a doctor. But I guess it was important for the role to have upscale/fancy job title.

I don't think an elementary school teacher is a type of job that medical doctors would look down. I actually don't look up doctors that much. I mean, they may have made reasonable effort to become one, but other factors like financial ability (mostly from parents) might be bigger. I think job/compensation inequality should be addressed at some point. Otherwise, we may end up with giving 2nd term to the next leader. But I won't go there too much because I just want to talk about the movie.

So, Sung was supposed to be the mean/snobby guy. But how can I hate him? I couldn't. I wrote this before. If I were her, I will just take the life I don't know without complaining anything. Maybe I should set my next vacation place to Hawaii and rent a car to drive Pali Road and see what happens. lol~

Well, I understood the point of the movie. It's not about me choosing Sung. In fact, it bothered me a little bit that the guy with less fancy job title was not officially chosen or approved. I wonder why my parents didn't say anything negative or even question about my hubby. Nobody with matching job title with me tried to convince me that I belong to him so far (and that will never happen, I suppose). It's not about a choice we (girls) make. I don't know if I made a choice. It's more like just let it happen. Whatever it turns into, it's just a fate.

But maybe not. I think we need to wait until the last moment in our lives until we know if it was a right choice or not. It may be still too early to regret...?

Anyway, glad that I watched this movie. It helped me start planning my next vacation place. :P

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