Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift

Most of Sung Kang fans including myself got to know him from this movie, Fast and Furious 3 Tokyo Drift. Though he was not the main character in this movie, he managed to steel all the girls' hearts! I know, I'm not sharing any special informtion here. But I thought I should not skip mentioning this movie.

As many of you may know, Sung Kang has an official MySpace site.

Don't you think he was the best one in this movie? I don't remember anyone else. When I watch this movie again on DVD, I fast forward al the scenes Sung Kang doesn't show up. I stop watching after Han died in the movie because there is nothing to see after that. No offense to Justine, but I think this movie was about Sung and only Sung.

I am eagerly waiting to hear about the update of Fast and Furious 4. I suspect those actors from the 1st of this series hesitate to sign up the contact because they are afraid of Han becoming the true main character again. That'll be wonderful! That's exactly what I want to see! And the movie industry should be aware that it's time to start fostering a real Asian American stars like him.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with ur opinion.. after Sung there is not much to see. They continually replay the movie on cable and i watch it only to se Sung.. He is so sexy and handsome. And is true I really dont remember much of the other characters of the film its funny how is that i remember him so well... well after all he has a beutiful smile..

ak1998 said...


thank you for your comment!
yeah. I have DVD and also downloaded the mp4 file on my iPhone. I love his smile, too!