Saturday, April 26, 2008

Korean American vs Korean

I am not too crazy about Korean actors from Korea, but I do have a few favorites movies and actors. One very strange idea poped up in my mind and I am not sure how many people will agree with me, but, don't you think Sung is kind of between Song Gang Ho and Lee Byung Hun? I mean, the appearance wise. Both are very famous actors in Korea and they are in my most vavorite movie, JSA - Joint Security Area.

I did not have this idea that Sung looks like someone between those two totally different looking actors. This picture suddenly reminded me Song Gang Ho. But Sung is not as ajussi as Song Gang Ho. He is as cool as Lee Byung Hun. But not as sweet as Lee Byung Hun, maybe. Am I making any sense here?


hiroko said...

I'm leaving this comment two years belatedly!
Song Kang Ho is my favorite Korean actor. You might be right, there might be something similar between him and the two actors you mentioned. I once saw an interview by Song Kang Ho, and he had the same sort of charisma that I think Sung also has.

hiroko said...

whoops, i mean three years belatedly.

Mari said...


Thank you for leaving your 3 years belated comment! I enjoy reading your comment. Glad to know you also like Song Kang Ho. I think he is a good actor though he is not one of the hot Korean actors who are super popular among Japanese females. I tend to like the ones older than me. :D