Saturday, April 5, 2008 - genuine blog by Sung Kang

One of my friends just told me about this blog by Sung Kang himself! Check this out~

We can read what he wrote there and he seems to be updating this blog very often. In fact, I saw a new posting today!

I really admire him spending his time thinking about doing something good. I should start reading about the organizatin he supports to learn more.


hiroko said...

hi!! thanks for all your updates on sung. i'm sorry i'm not contributing as much these days... yay about sung's message!! hope you're doing well, xoxoxo

ak1998 said...

hi, hiroko-chan!

I don't have much updates on Sung these days. He seems to be doing many things here and there. This blog is basically about whatever I want to say about Sung. :)